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Nigeria News Update

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We are pleased to announce the introduction of a quarterly BNET Nigeria News Update, a compendium of top stories from Nigeria covering current affairs and educational issues. This is a new benefit introduced in August 2016 exclusively for our members that has been produced in collaboration with Asoko Insight, a company that provides superior data on Sub-Saharan African companies, public and private, to help identify leads, research investment opportunities and monitor corporate developments.

The BNET Nigeria News Update reproduces carefully selected articles from the Nigerian press without comment or interpretation. To view please click on the link below. 

 pdf Nigeria News Update  - 30th August 2016

 pdf Nigeria News Update  - 7th December 2016

 pdf Nigeria News Update - 5th June 2017

pdf Nigeria News Update - 28th August 2017

pdf Nigeria News Update - 1st June 2018