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Nigeria Visit 2017 - Gethsemane, Jos

Posted in News Update

Gethsemane was opened in September 2006 by Tunji and Taiwo Oluwatomisin, beginning as a 6 bedroom bungalow. The school now has 98 pupils, with an impressive ration of 12 to a class.  Gethsemane employs 20 teachers has nine blocks of classrooms, a computer centre with 10 sets of computer systems and an 18 seater VW school bus. However, local security issues in 2012 threatened the safety of the school and they embarked on building school fencing and gates, sponsored by BNET. 

Most recently, in December 2016 BNET provided funds to the school to enable them to put in ceilings in fifteen classrooms, currently an ongoing project. David and Elizabeth arrived at Gethsemane late in the afternoon of the 4th July, too late to see the pupils who had already left for the day, but Tunji and Taiwo gave them a tour of the school, including a tour of the grounds where there is a plan to build a football pitch dedicated to the memory of the former Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Gary Clark.