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Nigeria's Guardian Newspaper reports high praise for BNET's work at Edo College

Posted in News Update

BNET's activities and support for Edo College made the news last month. The Guardian (Nigeria) reported in its Saturday, July 14th issue that BNET's contribution to the refurbishment of Edo College (Benin) received praise from the school's principal, Mr. Raphael Omoruyi at the school's annual prize-giving day. 


During the ceremony, Mr. Omoruyi spoke with appreciation for the support from parents, old boys, government departments and Non Governmental Organisations, adding that such partnerships are "key to achieving effectiveness in all school learning." He added that education as a tool for National Development is an expensive venture that prompted the Federal government to recognise and solicit participation of private initiatives as stated in the National Policy of Education.   

The article "Principal Commends Old Boys for Supporting Alma Mater" was published in The Guardian, Saturday July 14 2018 

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