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Small Grants History 2008-2014

Posted in Small Grants History

Small Grants cover applications that have no on-going commitment or administrative requirement and are generally limited to a maximum award of £5,000

YEAR 2008

  • Three Nigerian students were awarded continuing grants to cover their fees at Delta State University (2) and Anambra State University (1). A fourth student, who had gained admission to Sheffield Hallam University, received a grant to cover the cost of his study materials while a fifth student studying at the University of Birmingham was given a laptop to assist with his fieldwork studies in both Nigeria and Kenya.

YEAR 2009

  • Continuing grants totalling £815 were awarded to three Nigerian students for their fees at Delta State University (2) and Anambra State University (1).

success-story-dr-kachi-ozumba copyStudent Kachi Ozumba was awarded a grant of £1,500 to complete the final year of his studies at Newcastle University for a PhD in Literature/Creative Writing, which he successfully completed to become a Doctor of Philosophy. The Trust was delighted to note his story The One-Armed Thief was selected winner from over 5,000 entries for the African region in the 2009’s Commonwealth Short Story competition. His first novel The Shadow of a Smile was published by Alma Books in October 2009.


YEAR 2010

  • For the University of Lagos the Trust continued to fund the Architectural Review magazine to the benefit of those studying at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  • Continuing grants totalling £1,800 were awarded to cover the annual fees for three Nigerian students studying at Delta, Benin and Port Harcourt universities respectively.
  • As part of the Trust’s participation in the celebrations of Nigeria’s Golden Anniversary £2,000 was given to the Council for Education in the Commonwealth as a contribution towards their annual Gladwyn Lecture. Held in the Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House the lecture, delivered by Dr Nosa Aladeselu, reviewed the progress of Nigeria’s education since 1960.
  • At a separate celebration organised by the Nigeria High Commission at Alexandra Palace Mr ‘Bayo Oladimeji received on behalf of the Trust an award presented by Vice President Namadi Sambo, GCON in recognition for “its outstanding contributions” to Nigeria.

YEAR 2011

  • Continuing grants totalling £2,080 were awarded to two Nigerian students to enable them complete their studies at Delta and Port Harcourt universities respectively.

YEAR 2012

  • A grant of £5,000 was given to Ibadan University for books to restock their History Library. This need was identified by Dr Simon Heap during his attachment as the first visiting academic appointed under the Trust’s Commonwealth Fellowship Plan and he undertook to select and source the 232 books chosen. These were safely delivered to the University in November and BNET acknowledges with appreciation the considerable assistance given by DSV Air & Sea Ltd who undertook the shipping and documentation of the order at cost.

YEAR 2013

  • The Stonecrabs Theatre Company received a donation of £1,000 as a contribution towards their educational workshops, which give young people between the ages of 12 and 19 the opportunity to take part in creative writing and acting workshops.
  • Other miscellaneous grants included a payment of £1,000 for the university fees covering 2 years for the last remaining Umutu student studying medicine at Port Harcourt University.
  • A donation of £500 was given to the Nigerian Schools Sports Family Fun Day to be used either a prize money or as a contribution towards the event’s running costs.
  • The Eko Brass Band, Lagos received a sponsorship of £1,000 towards the launch costs of its debut album. This band was established to nurture and develop young Nigerian musicians with performance opportunities to help them acquire knowledge and skills within Nigeria’s music culture

Danzabuwa Site 1With the support of the Kano State Governor a pilot project was undertaken to provide essential water facilities for ten public secondary schools in the State. A budget of £24,000 was allocated for the drilling of 10 boreholes, installation and a concrete pad for the manually operated pumps. All 10 boreholes were successfully commissioned within a period of sixteen weeks and the Principal of each school has assumed responsibility for their operation and maintenance.



YEAR 2014

Members of the Faculty of Education receiving books from Chairman David BrandlerBayero University, Kano – On Saturday 22nd September 2014 Chairman David Brandler presented to the Vice Chancellor of Bayero University, Kano a selection of books for the University’s Faculty of Education.  Costing £1,450 the books had been carefully selected by Trustee Professor Lalage Bown, OBE from recommendations made by the University’s Professor Kabiru Isyaku OON mni, a member of the Trust and an adviser to the Board.  The charity acknowledges with appreciation the assistance given too by BNET member Star Services UK Ltd who undertook the shipping and documentation of the consignment at cost.


  • Nigerian Schools Sports Family Fun Day – A donation of £500 was given to the Nigerian Schools Sports Family Fun Day as a contribution towards the administrative costs of their inaugural Seminar titled Education Needs of the next Generation of Nigerians. The event took place in the Bainbridge Room at the University of London on 7 June 2014 and was attended by Trustee Mr Tim Cooke who reported it had been well supported with several distinguished speakers.