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Aleka Academy, Ankpa, Kogi State

Posted in Success Stories

BNET is very proud to have supported Aleka Academy as its first educational project and has enjoyed watching the school go from strength to strength.

Aleka Academy was established back in the year 2000 and marked its 10th anniversary on 23rd October 2010.  It began with just 16 students, less than five staff and a single, basic classroom.  The pioneer Principal was Chief Emma Williams, MBE.

Today the school has a staff strength of over 50, an administrative block with its own staff room, 12 classrooms and a student population of 420, with an amazing average of 35 per class.

In 2003 the school transited into the ‘senior’ category and gained NECO and WAEC accreditation permitting the students to sit exams in their own school. Now the school can boast of having 5 students studying medicine, five law at universities in Nigeria, the UK and Malaysia. Over 10 pupils are on engineering courses and a similar number are attending courses for accountancy and international relations.  Aleka has its own school bus, a multi-purpose science laboratory, a well-equipped library, a computer laboratory and a bore-hole.

 Aleka Academy, Ankpa, Kogi State.Chief Emma Williams receiving her MBE from The Queen in June 2005

BNET’s direct assistance

Aleka has always been disadvantaged by the lack of pipe borne water. In March 2008 the Trust gave a grant for the construction of a borehole which has now been dug and clean water has been reached.  Overhead tanks were fixed and plumbing work was undertaken to ensure students had access to clean drinking water.  In addition, the community of Opulega, which is where most of the children attending Aleka and their families live, and other surrounding villages have benefitted directly from water pumped from this borehole.

More recent news is that an internet link has been established between the Academy and its twinned school, Ormer House Preparatory School in Alderney, for which our member Hilary Bentley is a trustee.

Having witnessed extraordinary growth over a comparatively short period of time we are proud to have supported Aleka since its inception and although we have not awarded, nor been asked for, any grants over the last 2 years we remain committed with our continuing support and follow the Academy’s progress closely.

Aleka Head boy and girlAleka students

Between 2000 and 2008 the Academy received grants totalling £25,721.