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Pacelli School for Blind and Partially Sighted Children

Posted in Success Stories

Pacelli School for the BlindThe Pacelli School is Nigeria's foremost school for the blind and partially sighted children.  Established by Catholic missionaries and the Archdiocese of Lagos in 1962, it has been operating for 49 years and marked its golden jubilee in 2012.

The school has a population of 120 children, is a non-fee paying mixed boarding primary school that is funded partly through the church and partly by appeals for donations.  Additionally, and importantly, the school assists children with impaired sight from other secondary schools and tertiary institutions throughout Nigeria to use the school's facilities to persue their studies.

In December 2011 BNET applied the proceeds from the sale of the Trust's Christmas cards to fund the JAWS software (£3,750) - the screen reader for blind and partially sighted children - for the school.

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