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The Gethsemane Rehabilitation Centre, Jos

Posted in Success Stories

success-story-gethsemane-rehabilitation-centre-1The Gethsemane Rehabilitation Centre provides support and education to orphaned children. Gethsemane benefit from BNET gifts as small donations to fund the development of their school.

The BNET donations have been successfully utilised to:

  • Renovate and equip the children’s playground
  • Build 4 classrooms of a planned 9 classroom block
  • Fund educational materials
  • Secure the compound with a brick wall and steel entrance gates
  • Provide in-house teacher training programmes  



We appreciate the BNET effort for GETHSEMANE REHABILITATION CENTRE. Since we came across your organisation our achievements are numerous. They are as follows:

In 2007, your organisation sent us support that enabled us to purchase furniture for our schools. It made our school a model in the environment in which we found ourselves.

In 2008, the support helped us to purchase books, materials and to uplift the spirit of our students who cannot afford the material because they had lost their parent who were peace keeping soldiers.

In 2010, the support helped us to have a beautiful playing ground such as volley ball pit, football field, basket ball court and playing ground for kindergarten and 15 students enjoy scholarship from the grants.

In 2012 the Trust gave a much needed grant of £6,615 for the construction of a brick wall to encompass the compound to protect the school from against attacks by armed robbers.

Teaching Staff Recediving in-house Training 1This was supplemented by a second grant of £4,600 in 2013 to raise the height of the security wall and to provide steel entrance gates.

By 2014 the Centre had grown to a population of 200 primary children and 110 secondary students.  Teaching staff had also significantly increased to 20 primary teachers and 8 secondary teachers with a further 2 assisting in the nursery school. To ensure the highest standards are maintained the Trust funded a 4-day in-house training programme for all teaching staff at a cost of £2,500.  Topics covered included language develpment, learning skills and how to overcome learning difficulties.

Since 2006 The Gethsemane Rehabilitation Centre has received grants totalling £15,770.

A Class of Primary Children 1A Class of Secondary StudentsThe Nursery Class

By this effort the motivation creates more awareness for the community.

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